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Public Safety DAS System

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Constant Connectivity for First Responders Through Public Safety DAS System

Allstate Power has become one of the most trusted wireless communication service providers because we deliver top-notch, secure, and reliable wireless communication products. We are experienced and skilled in supplying high-quality products to our clients to ensure they are satisfied with our services.

Our Public Safety DAS solutions ensure that first responders can maintain communication with each other in an emergency and offer a more efficient response to a crisis, including natural disasters, fire, and security threats. Allstate Power delivers these systems that are compliant with IFC, NFPA, and local regulations regarding emergency communication for responders.

Public Safety DAS

BDA and Public Safety DAS System Installation Services

First responders require instant communication capabilities as situational awareness could make the difference between life and death. It is recommended that all large residential and commercial buildings install bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) for wireless coverage for public safety and emergency responders. The installation of BDA & DAS systems offers immense benefits. Not only can first responders communicate more effectively, but they can also access the latest information about an emergency so that the risks resulting from poor communication can be quickly mitigated or eliminated.

What Is A DAS? What Are BDA Systems?

Why Choose AllState Power As Your Public Safety DAS Provider?

We understand that when you decide to choose any DAS provider, you have to look after various factors to choose the best one. The following are some of the qualities that set us apart from other public safety DAS providers:


We have years of experience delivering, installing, and maintaining DAS systems. Being a knowledgeable DAS provider, we understand the unique challenges of your organization. We can help you improve your business’s overall connectivity.

Industry Compliance

We adhere to industry standards and regulations. Compliance with fire safety regulations, building codes, and RF emission guidelines is vital for a successful DAS implementation.

Ongoing Support

When you buy a public safety DAS system from Allstate Power, you can be sure that we will offer you ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your DAS infrastructure is operating optimally and it will also ensure long-term reliability.


Being a well-reputed provider of DAS systems, we ensure to provide you with the best public safety DAS systems. Therefore, you can reach us to buy these types of systems to ensure safety.

Benefits of Buying Public Safety DAS Systems
The public safety DAS offers in-building emergency radio coverage to first responders. It uses BDA technology that offers improved two-way radio service through an antenna system. It ensures that first responders can maintain wireless communication during medical emergencies, natural disasters, fires, and other life-threatening events.

The public safety DAS solutions are designed to improve public safety communication. It is specifically engineered to make sure that first responders and building operators using two-way radios can communicate effectively and clearly at all times, especially during times of crisis. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy this product from Allstate Power.

In recent years, Public Safety DAS has gained more attention, with municipalities passing mandates that require property owners to comply with newly adopted standards. As an owner or operator, installing this type of system ensures peace of mind that, during an emergency, communication inside the facility is available to those who need it the most..

DAS systems utilize a network of antennas that receive and redistribute the radio signals. With reliable and consistent public safety radio coverage, safety can be provided to people during an emergency.

DAS systems remove poor coverage areas and dead spots. It is a network of outdoor and indoor antennas that, along with bi-directional amplifiers (BDA), boosts the strength of radio and commercial carrier signals for more secure in-building communications coverage. It works by selecting the wireless signals and redistributing them to dead spots and hard-to-reach zones.

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Allstate Power has been providing wireless communication services for several years. Public safety DAS offers first responders a secure communication system that runs between governmental and emergency entities. If you are looking for public safety DAS, then you can get in touch with Allstate Power, which is one of the best wireless communication service providers.
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