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Theme Parks

Communications Infrastructure for Theme Parks

Allstate Power systems are used by customer service managers, ride operators, security, custodial, maintenance, and landscaping professionals nationwide.

Radios Built for Theme Park Professionals

Theme Park professionals demand high-quality radios that are reliable and cost-effective. Hytera two-way radios are built rugged for the theme park environment with features that enhance the guest experience and improve safety.
Theme Parks Communications Infrastructure

Guaranteed Facility Coverage

From large theme parks to single buildings, Wireless coverage is important for all staff to communicate effectively.
Allstate Power Sytems provide full facility coverage with XPT Trunking Repeater Systems that deliver cost-effective coverage for any size facility, and DMR Tier III Trunking Systems for larger groups of users and high call capacity.  Push – to Talk cellular radios without the expense of radio system infrastructure and no FCC lIcense requried.
BDA Sytems for Critical Public Safety communications enhancement and robust 5g and Wi-Fi design and deployment.

Allstate Power is the leader in reliable and cost-effective voice communications for theme parks, water parks, and entertainment venues.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular for Theme Parks

Allstate Power HALO Nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Network provides wide-area coverage using 4G/LTE cellular networks and facility Wi-Fi networks.
Our rugged and waterproof PoC devices include handheld radios, mobile radios for vehicles, and smart devices that run business apps.
Allstate Power HALO features a powerful dispatching application that provides instant group calling and individual calling along with GPS location tracking of remote workers and drivers.
Theme Parks Communications Infrastructure

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