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Two-Way Radio Infrastructure for Ships and Yachts

Whether you are a supervisor looking to communicate with your crew or other ships Allstate Power has the rugged and reliable radio systems for your marine needs . We offer TETRA , XPT Trunking Systems and DMR Tier II Systems to meet your in ship communications needs. We offer 5g and Wi-Fi enhancement for guest needs and provide Starlink Installations.

Two-Way Radios Built for Marine Use

Ship and Yachts  demand high-quality and rugged communications equipment that stands up to all kinds of weather and tough job site conditions. Our Hytera two-way radios are built for construction and packed with features that save time and money on the job site.

Designed for Worker Safety

The Marine Industry is one of the most dangerous industries, and worker injuries cost companies millions of dollars per year.  Hytera radios provide features that help keep marine workers safe and on the job.

Ship owners and operators save time and money with radio systems that enable instant group calls, sharing images and video, and provide worker safety protection

Hytera HALO Nationwide

The Hytera HALO Nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Network provides wide-area coverage using existing 4G/LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks, so Hytera HALO PoC radios can be rapidly deployed on ships anywhere across the world.
Hytera HALO features a powerful dispatching application that provides instant group calling and individual calling along with GPS location tracking of remote employees and supply deliveries.

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